Thursday, 27 November 2014

This is why Bill Gates is more than a billionaire!

Not a Billionaire, something more than that

We all know about the monster Hudhud which has disturbed Vizag badly and has become the costliest cyclone to hit India. 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has granted $ 500,000 to CARE for addressing the most pressing needs resulting from the destructive cyclone Hudhud in Andhra Pradesh. With total damage costs estimated between $ 9.7 billion and 11 billion, this is the most costly cyclone ever to have hit India.
While this investment will meet only a fraction of these costs, it will enable CARE staff to meet the immediate emergency needs of the most vulnerable communities affected by the cyclone, while planning for longer term recovery, says a release.
According to the release, CARE will use the grant to procure and distribute non-food items to 1,100 households, in addition to conducting a detailed assessment of shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene needs in the three worst affected districts of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam.    
According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), tropical cyclone Hudhud affected at least 920,000 people. More than 135,000 are taking shelter in 223 relief camps while authorities are providing food to 685,000 people. Over 41,200 houses and buildings were damaged and 450,000 acres of agricultural land adversely affected. Potable drinking water, toilets, shelter and lights are emerging as the primary needs of those affected.
Girindre Beeharry, Director, India Country Office, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said: ‘’As with many natural disasters, the effects are most keenly felt by those who are least financially secure, in particular those whose livelihoods depend on the land. Our partnership with CARE seeks to provide immediate support to these communities, as others contribute additional support for long term recovery.”
Chris Toews, Acting Emergency Response Director, CARE said: “While a long term response to this devastating natural disaster is developed, it is imperative that we respond to the immediate humanitarian needs of the affected communities in Andhra Pradesh. We are targeting our efforts at the most vulnerable, in partnership with local NGOs and in close consultation with government authorities and the communities themselves.”
So, don't curse billionaires, they have got to do many things with the money :)
Sayonara :)

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