Friday, 5 August 2016

How I changed my perspective of birthday.

It felt great whenever I was overwhelmed with presents, wishes from friends, and blessings from elders. But, now that feeling has devolved, I don't know the reason perfectly. May be I've got enlightened a little bit. One thing, I've got acquainted with the other sides of people, so, I don't feel good when they are making up.

When I was a child, I used to invite everyone of my neighbors and friends to the party. My dad will get a cake and I'll be showing up my eagerness to cut the cake, not only for the cake but also for the presents. My mother used to decorate the room for the party two days prior to my birthday. I used to give suggestions while decorating. All this continued till my 8th standard, where I've stopped decorating the home and started taking my friends just for a day out. I planned for that day two months earlier. I had made no concessions in the budget as I've thought and also bragged as I was the Bill Gates of the town.

I think I was blindfolded or was treated with excessive indulgence by my parents. I've realized my foolishness not before being admitted into a residential campus. Though I've shamelessly celebrated my birthday, wasted my dad's money a lot, and also the time of many persons, I've realized that the age has come to stop "celebrating" birthdays. Rather, I've learned that birthdays should give you a "surprise", so to say. And you should payback for that surprise. I think you can understand that.

Now, I literally feel embarrassed whenever I think about my birthdays during my schooldays. But, I think everyone has that innocent kid in them who never bothers about money, and, just want to gain "friends" by giving treats like these. Also I noticed one thing. You'll never save your money on your birthdays. Just the way of spending changes.

In fact, I'm trying to feel that birthday is just another day in the year. But, that feeling shatters not long before my birthday, when I find my friend is arranging for a surprise party. I don't care if nobody wishes me on my birthday, because, I am that monk who sold his Ferrari. But, I can empathize with my friends' feelings to show a little bit of concern to me. And to show my concern I've to give a party. That's the subtle logic behind that.

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