Monday, 3 April 2017

It doesn't matter!

Hi there,

I you know me in person, I suggest you not to read any further.

I have been so sabbatical to my blog. But, this time just wanted to write as my heart wanted to do so.

Just to let you know what I am up to:
         Currently I'm in the final days of final year of my under graduation. Still, I feel myself as a layman with just a superficial knowledge on Electronics. Please don't ask me about Communications. But, I managed to get acceptances from some good grad colleges in the US. Luck matters, you know.

         Right now, everyone in my class are feeling sad because the college days are coming to an end and all they are afraid that their memories will make them emotional in future. I used to be emotional when I was a kid. But, now I consider I'm not. I just ask some simple questions to myself whether I'm gonna miss college or not.

1. Do I have any girlfriend?

A: NO!

2. Do I have any best friend?

A: Nah!

3. Is my college so awesome to be missed?

A: Nope! Are you kidding?

Let us dig the answers deeper.

I don't have any best friend. See, it's difficult for me to find a friend who is the best. Because, I don't have a good stable opinion on anyone. It changes with their behavior, others' views about them etc. So, I feel I would be cheating myself if I say anyone as my best friend. May be, the definition of best friend in my dictionary is different from others'. Most of my friends are the ones who feel pity on me for being a loner. I don't have any hard feelings on anyone. So, there are no enemies, haha. But still, there are some friends who help me and show concern towards me. I'm thankful to them and I definitely miss them.

Finally. yeah, my college is not awesome. But, there is some organised chaos in the little concrete jungle that makes me interesting. There are some stories in everyone's lives if you look closer. The above two paras make this dumb college really look cool. The location, the city and the weather is something that you will not find everywhere. I don't know whether I will miss the people here, but I will definitely miss this place.


Always be happy, because at the end that's the only thing you need. :)

P.s: I find happiness in solitude.

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